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      I am looking in to buying a new rib protector and just wanted to get some opinions. Which brand / model do you recommend and why? Also, are there any that you should really stay away from? Any information would be greatly appreciated.




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      Jon Romenesko

      I use an older Ribtect 2 vest, and it works great for me.  It’s my experience that you want something rigid to take & disperse a bunch of the energy.  The Ribtect 2 has a hard (Carbon Fiber) outer shell, and some dense padding on the inside.  Ive tried some other rib protectors that are just dense foam and I didn’t like them, found they put too much energy into the body, and I would step out of the kart feeling sore.  I’ve used mine for solid 6 years now and it’s still going strong (the carbon is showing signs of stress cracks, but nothing has broken yet) and that includes several rough parking lot races.  I don’t use the ribtect seat, just the vest and a standard Tillett.


      I havent tried the latest (Ribtect 3), but if its anything like the 2, its a quality product…can’t recommend it enough!  Racing (and living) with sore ribs suck.

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      Thanks for the response! I haven’t heard anything bad about the ribtect products so I plan on going with their new model. Getting it ordered soon and cant wait for it to come in.

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      TJ Koyen

      I just bought a new FreeM vest after bruising and separating my ribs this past weekend at the USPKS race. I really liked my old Tillet P1 vest but it was just worn out after about 4 years of use and clearly wasn’t doing it’s job anymore.

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      Mark Dismore Jr.

      I used a standard Ribtect for the past several seasons with no issues but I hurt my ribs at NCMP in May and switched to the Ribtect 3. Even with hurt ribs I could still race using the Ribtect 3 so I highly recommend it. I wouldn’t be racing without it.

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      Steve Hansen

      I bruised my ribs pretty bad last season while wearing a Sparco vest, the one with the shoulder pads. It was comfortable, but not rigid enough.

      Bought a Ribtect 3 to replace it and it is excellent.

      When it wears out, I will buy whatever Ribtect is the latest and greatest.

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