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      Bryan Williams

      Hello I Have a kt100 margay kart and bent my axle the other day at the track. Its a 40mm med. I was able to “straighten” it the best I could at the track with some wood and a heavy hammer. It worked to get me back out on the track for the rest of the day but was told I need to get a new axle, which I already have one coming in the mail. My question is, is there a process that I can do or take it anywhere, machine shop of some sorts to have it perfectly straightened back out? Thanks

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      John Matthews

      There are shops that offer the service. I doubt it will be economical if you have to ship it so check out your local suppliers.

      Also, since 40mm is kinda old school there may be some good used ones out there.



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      Bryan Williams

      Thanks for the info. I have been thinking about going to a 50mm. I’m pretty new to the sport still, what are the benefits of going to a 50mm?

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      Tom Weiss

      A 40mm to a 50mm conversion will cost a pretty penny. You need to replace all the components that fit on the axle (Brake disk carrier, wheel hubs, sprocket carrier, bearings..)and not to mention the axle itself. I am not so sure about the benifits, but with a kt100 I doubt it would make a large enough difference to balance out the cost of the conversion.

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      Bryan Williams

      Yeah I talked to the guy that runs the local kart shop here and he said from what he has seen margays seem to run faster on a 40mm axle anyways. So that’s what I’m sticking with. Thanks for the responses.

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      Walt Gifford

      The 50mm allows you to use a more flexible axle. Not necessary unless your track is very sticky like in Europe.


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      Gary Lawson

      If you local track has a message board try to find someone nearby otherwise it’s not worth the shipping as mentioned.  You can find most 40mm axles for around 75 used.

      I dont agree that the benefit of a 50 is because its softer. Most are 2mm thick and I have some 40s that are 1.75 mm. Not to mention to increased stiffness from the diameter. When testing both the 50 seemed to have more grip and stability without binding the kart.

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