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    Travis Davis

    What do you guys use to remove the marbles after a race? Surform? anything else? Thanks!

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    David Cole

    Are you talking from the race track?

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Matt Martin

    Currently, i just weave around on my warm-up lap.  But, I’m not trying to win every race, just have fun on a budget.

    When I ran oval races as a kid and wanted clean tires for the start of every session, we would use a heat gun with a scraper similar to this:


    Image result for tire scraper heat gun



    Or do you mean the rubber marking/chunks from off of the bodywork?

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    Travis Davis

    Im talking between practice and heats and qualifying in the pits to clean off the marbles from the tires what do you guys scrape the tires with to get the excess rubber off that was picked up from the track

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