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    Stu Hayner

    Starter dolly

    If you have ever wanted to just roll your starter in to place, get in your kart, start your 2 cycle engine, then push it away, all by yourself – this custom dolly kit is what you need.

    In the past, we’ve used bricks – boards, and of course another person to help. These work for KT100 / HPV-KPV / all TAG engines.

    This starter dolly kit bolts right to your existing Burris or Coleman mini starter and only takes minutes to install.

    These kits feature high quality height adjustable rollers and converts your mini starter into a one person remote starter. It’s slick and it’s strong!

    This kit makes karting so much easier and fun. It also keeps the crank from getting bent because you can adjust the height perfectly for your kart/engine.

    Burris MDGB1 – $69.00
    Coleman MDGC1 – $69.00

    NEW! 17mm TAG shaft adapter for the Coleman Mini starter – $31.50

    714 305-6123 text

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    michael smith

    great product. i use it for my kart with a 1.5lb lithium polymer battery and i get a lot of comments about it. its so easy to use. i start my kart myself in the pits and just roll it off to the side

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    Stu Hayner


    Thanks for the shout out. I’m glad you like it.


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    Brian Patterson

    We used our starter dollies Saturday & couldn’t be happier. It’s a must for one person operation. Everyone was commenting on how well it works. I think you will be getting lots of customers this week.

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    Stu Hayner

    We just finished a few more remote starter dolly kits for you that have the Burris or Coleman mini kart starters.

    I know it’s winter, but if you want to be ready for next spring, send me a text and let me send you one of these great remote starter kits.


    714 305-6123

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