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    Slade Putman

    Hi, newbie here. Long history of motocross racing at expert level and am starting shifters with 28 yr old son. Have 2 ’14 CRG Zuaras with CR125 motors. Motors were built by very competent tech and cranks very well balanced, but still get lots of vibes. On mx bikes, pipe mounts are very thick solid rubber to reduce vibes. On CRG’s, the mounts are minimal rubber, almost direct. Am inclined to start here. Thoughts on this as well as other ideas, such as rubber mounting seat or a gel seat liner? Thx!

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    Morgan Schuler

    Whatever you do, don’t mount your seat with rubber, you’re the most important part of the handling equation! You don’t want the seat moving around. A fully padded seat or inserts is an option though.

    Vibrations are just part of the game but I’d start with these 3 companies and follow their advice:




    You also have CRG USA right in your backyard.

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    Jim Derrig

    MX bikes have suspension and padded seats.  Its pretty much a solid path from the motor to your body in a kart, which has neither.  Isolating the pipe won’t do much as the motor itself is mounted solid to the frame, which mounted solid to the seat. A Tillet padded seat (Model T7, I think) is an option if it’s really driving you nuts and you can find one that fits.  Believe it or not, a TaG kart with a Leopard motor is even worse.  You’ll get used to it.

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