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      Adam Gorrell

      Hows it going everyone? I have a couple Tony Kart Shifters that have a pretty good amount of slop on the shift levers. I was wondering if you guys had any tips or trick for tacking most of that out? I’d like to have a solid shifting lever if possible.


      Felt a CRG Shifter lever the other day and it was solid as it can get, albeit a different design, but nonetheless, thats what a shifting lever should feel like.


      I have tighten up the Eye Bolts on the shaft but notice a lot of play comes from the actual bolts that hold the lever to the steering column. Are there “sleeves” or shims that could go where the bolts are and take that play out? They seem like they float in there. I dont want to tighten them too tight because that will just cause the nut and bolt to clamp down creating friction to not allow the shaft to move freely. I think like a thin delrin sleeve or something would be beneficial for sure. I feel that if I were to take that slop out, they would be pretty well set.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Are you running a moto shifter with a J-arm?

      It seems odd that your otk karts have slack, I have an old tony kart esprit shifter from the 90s and its lever feels quite solid..


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        Adam Gorrell

        Yes I am Andrew. Stock Moto Shifter with J-Arm.

        I have a feeling there is supposed to possibly be some bushings in the bolts the go to the steering column area? It would make sense if there was for it. Ill have to do some research and see what I can find, if any more.

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      The bolts on the shifter lever and weldments attached to the steering column from time to time do develop play, as the holes get bigger and the bolts get smaller, I have seen it many times.

      Buy specialized bolts with bigger  diameter body, at a bolt store, or go from metric to standard and see if it fits tighter.

      There are machined bolts that have a nice thick body available.

      But if the steering column (uprights) shifter weldments are too worn out and oval shaped, then you may have to cut them off and re weld new eyelets, also check the condition on the shifter lever weldments, by completely removing the shift lever, check them both, you’d be surprised.

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      Dale Daugherty

      I had a similar situation on my Birel, but all the slop was coming from the J-Arm. That sucker was loose, and it allowed for a half inch of pull before it actually engaged the next gear. Used some Teflon tape, and tightened it right up. The slop from shifter lever itself is now fairly insignificant.

      If all that slop is coming from the where the shift arm attaches to the body, then I would think you may be able to get clever with some drinking straws cut lengthwise, and then use them to “sleeve” the bolt. Use multiple layers, and then some lube to smooth things out and prevent any binding. I don’t know how the lever attaches on the TK’s, so this might not be possible.

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