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      seth kreibich

      Hi guys I grenaded a PRD motor pretty nicely (top of piston broke off at 17k rpm and particles banged around inside) and need a full rebuild, top & bottom end. I’m in Charlotte, NC. Suggestions on where/to whom to send this pile of molten aluminum to for repair?

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      Steen Carstensen

      Sometimes buying another engine is a much cheaper solution. Here is one for sale in the classified section. No affiliation……

      PRD Fireball 125 motor only (with carb)

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      Mark Traylor

      could be worse.   I was with a buddy at Willow springs and saw that it looked like a part flew off the kart in turn 9 with a Rotax 257.   Turns out the piston failed, hit the cylinder head, broke the cylinder in half an flew out of the engine.  The piston was found 200 feet off the track.

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      brian downing

      Have to agree with Steen here. It’s probably not worth putting too much $$$ into a blown clone. ;)

      Buying parts is typically more expensive than buying complete units, so starting with a decent used motor and a “freshening” will likely cost less in the end.

      You can send your PRD into any builder for examination and repair estimate, and right out of the gate you’re hit with the expense of shipping.
      You could try Comet or LAD or P1 or Woltjer or any of the many engine builders.

      Call first and ask about their PRD experience.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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