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      Chad Harrington

      The plastic CRG-style fuel tanks the teams sell often poorly bonded and leak after a few weeks from the anywhere along the seam, or behind the embedded bolt and cannot be repaired properly. This is even after we support the front of the tank to stop it from sliding laterally.

      As a result I’m looking for a high quality stainless steel or aluminium fuel tank that fits CRG-family sprint karts like CRG, Maranello, Hamilton karts. Tank volume should be at least 80% of the factory tank. Weight is not really an issue because our class runs a high weigh limit so we run ballast anyway.

      Do the metal tanks with sight glass hold up ok? I worry about them leaking from the sight glass joints.


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      Robert Lawson


      check here: http://cometkartsales.com/Fuel-Tanks-c-969/

      They have different size/shape/capacity aluminum tanks online.

      With a phone call you may be able to have them make one to order for you as well.

      Good Luck,


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      Walt Gifford

      I always replace the plastic tank with those aluminum ones from comet. The sight glass is tygon fuel tubing and doesn’t leak just leave it a little long if you replace it because they shrink up a tiny bit. Put the mounting bolts up from the bottom and double nut so you don’t crush the rubber grommets and you’ll have a nice shock mounted tank. I also get one of those fuel nipples with a flange and put it in the cap then a small fuel filter on top keeps fuel from splashing. You’ll need a long neck funnel to fill the tank on certain ones if the steering shaft is in the way.

      Hope that helps,

      FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
      Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
      41 years karting experience

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      Charles Kaneb

      What mounting scheme are you using for the tank? Is it wedged tightly over a large area into the chassis rails and secured by only one bolt? How’s it isolated from the chassis – exclusively pushing through rubber washers, or is it steel-to-steel-to-plastic? Is it on the floorpan, or vibrating next to it and hitting 10,000 times per lap? See if a couple pieces of Silly Putty between the tank sides and any metal it’s close to help.

      What are you using for fuel/oil?  E10 street gas, 100 oxygenated unleaded race gas, 100LL avgas, 98 or 110 leaded race gas shouldn’t damage a tank. If you’re leaving methanol in it overnight it’ll rapidly age an HDPE/HDPP plastic  tank, same goes for copper-containing alloys of aluminum or magnesium. Hydrogen peroxide, nitromethane, and 1, 4 dioxin are hard on plastic containers and if you’re using any of them please stop before you poison someone or blast yourself to Jupiter the long way.




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        lynn haddock

        I guess I better consider making my tanks from 1/2″– 4130……………

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