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      Kyle Chatham

      Hey guys,

      I’m finishing putting together my first kart, an early 2000’s Energy kart a friend gave me and I’m having some issues with the rear track width.

      The organization I will be racing in uses a 6″ rear tire and with the current hubs I have(65mm) I’m finding it difficult to get anywhere near the max 55″ rear track width. It’s even a stretch to get to 53″ as the 65mm hubs don’t have much contact on the axle and I’d be worried about them coming off.

      My question is, what rear track width do most of you run and do you think there would be a significant disadvantage to running say a 50-51″ track? Should I get longer hubs? Rear axle is 40mm dia x 1040mm.

      Any information is helpful.



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      Bernie Lacotta

      The 1040 axle is pretty much the standard width. I use a 40mm rear axle, 1040 width, 80 mm hubs ( also use 50 mm hubs ) and have no problem going to the 55″ max.  We also run 6″ width rear tires BUT we mount them on 210/212 wide rims ( usually used for 7.10 wide tires). This wider rim gives a stiffer sidewall and tends to free up the kart. Very common to use this set-up on 4 cycles, both WF and LO206.

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      Chris Hatch

      A.  Use whatever hubs are needed to get to 55″.  In many situations, longer hubs will actually help free up the kart.  This goes against some of the traditional thinking.

      B.  When using a 6″ wide tire, use an 8″ (212mm) wheel to keep the kart free.

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      Gary Lawson

      As most pointed out indirectly you can’t get the rear to 55″ because you have 180mm wheels for your 6″ tires. 53 1/2 is plenty wide for those wheels or go with the 210 and run 55

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      Kyle Chatham

      Thank for the info.

      Would you suspect any significant performance difference (overall cornering ability) between a 53″ and 55″ track, or is the benefit being changing the balance of the car?

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