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      Paul Lepper

      I’m wondering what tire size is best for my kart I have a CRG Road Rebel with a World Formula. I’m a big guy and will be about 420 lbs in a 390 minimum weight class ( I’m working on loosing weight) I’m also about 6′ 3″. What I’m wondering if I ran a narrower tire than a typical 7.1 rear if that might free up the kart more. I’ll be running MG reds as required by the track. I’m the biggest ( tallest ) guy in the WF class so there’s nobody local with info.

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      Jack Cook

      I am in the same boat 6ft 240lbs. I think the rule requires to run 6 inch tires. I am working on getting the kart to loosen up. Going wide in the rear helped until it started hopping in the rear. I run in a 365 weight class so I run in the back giving up 50lbs is hard to make up

      good luck

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      Gary Lawson

      Stay with the 710 on the world formula. The best thing to do would be to get some short American pattern hubs and buy some wider wheels to stiffen the sidewall. 8 1/2″ van k machined wheel is what I would recommend. They aren’t available in that siZe in metric is why I said American hubs.

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