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      Brad Richtsmeier

      I have a  2010 CRG Road Rebel chassis.  When mounting a rear bumper the other day, one of the long bolts that turns into the chassis tubing won’t tighten.  It turns all the way in, but does not torque down tight.  It seats fully, but keeps spinning when turned.  The bolt doesn’t look to have any problems itself, so it must be the receiving piece inside the chassis.  I cannot see this piece and I have not had any luck removing it.  Does anybody know a method for removal of this piece or have any advice?  Thanks.

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      Stu Hayner


      Where are you located? If in SoCal, bring the kart by the shop and we will get you handled. No charge at all. We are glad to help.

      If somewhere else, give me a call and I’ll try to help you over the phone.

      714 305-612three – cell

      MDG karting

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      Brad Richtsmeier

      I’m in Des Moines, Iowa.  I’ll give you a call today.  Thank you.

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      Walt Gifford

      Pull the rubber piece out of the frame and fish out the nut that fell off.

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      Your bolt is too short

      This is very common when installing a new bracket for the new bumper style

      You need to buy 2 new longer bolts of the same kind and go into town with it again

      Unless otherwise as stated by Walt, there is a big possibility that the nut inside the mount fell off, and you will need to remove the rubber mount to get to it.

      Easiest way to find out is to remove the bracket, and install the bolt by itself, and see if it starts going, and far enough to tighten up. If it does then determine the length needed to finalize the job, including the space needed for your bracket. Merry Christmas

      Fast Freddy.

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      Brad Richtsmeier

      The bolt will not tighten with everything removed, so I believe the mount is the problem.  I don’t know a good way to remove it from inside the chassis tubing.  Any methods or advice would be welcome.

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      David McDowell

      I get the wife’s crochet needle.

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      Dale Daugherty

      What about something like this:


      Maybe not this item specifically, but if you could get the toggle through the rubber mount inside there, and then stop the screw against the end of the chassis tube (with a washer or something), then as you tighten the screw, it should pull it out. Or just grab the screw with a pair of vice grips and yank like crazy. If you had a way to attach a slide hammer, that would be even better. If you could use a needle or something to get some lube between the chassis tube and the rubber mount, that may help. PB Blaster also may penetrate around the sides and loosen everything up. Can you bore it out with increasing drill bit sizes?

      I’m just throwing suggestions out there to get the wheels turning. It’s rubber, and you can defeat it with willpower and cunning.

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      Brad Richtsmeier

      Thanks for the ideas.  All that helps me understand the internals and what needs to happen.

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