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    Sean Ranchbari

    I noticed that my reart bumper fit really tight. as in, I needed to stretch it for it to fit the bushings

    now, is this something that all rears have, I’m running a full metal style, the chrome ones, or is it bad that mine is doing this?

    I’d assume it’ll cause some binding in the axle, any lots of stiffness in the chassis

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    Tim Koyen

    That would seem a bit odd, and probably not the best.  I could see that acting similarly to a rear bumper with tight bolts.  I think I’d try to spread it a bit, one way or another, so it fits on the bushings easily.

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    Sean Ranchbari

    ok cool, just wanted to confirm my suspicions

    i got the kart second hand, and the bumper has been modified for whatever reason unknown to me, but there is a weld near one of the ‘posts’, or uprights that connects the hoop to the mount. it was probably shortened, from the looks of it

    would it be worth trying to fix, or should i just get a new one? I don’t plan on running plastic FWIW

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    Matt Dixon

    Just cut it in the middle slip a tube with an ID the same as the OD over it drop a weld and call it good


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    Sean Ranchbari

    ok i’ll give it a shot

    don’t have a welder, but I do have brazing equipment. this shall suffice, correct?

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