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    Adamo O’ Mahony

    When the temperature is high about 35-40 degrees Celcius what axle we use?hard, soft, medium??

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    Peter Zambos

    There are a lot more factors than just ambient temperature, such as the weight of the driver, compound of tire, grip level of the track, stiffness of the chassis, and, most importantly, how the kart feels in the current conditions.  If you can provide this information, there are many here who can offer productive advice, but without it, there’s significantly less likelihood that it will be beneficial to you.

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    TJ Koyen

    I believe from your other post you noted you were driving a Tony Kart.

    In that case, medium (N) axle will be best in most conditions. If you feel the kart is struggling when it gets that hot, go slightly harder.

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