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    Tim Landon

    Trying to use as few as possible.  Do you guys collar the wheel hubs?  I dont see the need, or am I wrong.  Also dont see the need on the brake hub or the axle its self.  I’m thinking only on the axle clutch. ???? Thanks

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    Greg Wright

    On an enduro I put axle collars on everything and I mean everything.

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    tony zambos

    I’d run one on each side of the left axle bearing to hold the axle stationary. The axle moving could cause your brake rotor to drag and at best slow you down. Worst case is the rotor exploding.
    And I’d put them inside the hubs to prevent the tire moving in and contacting body work or the chassis.

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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    Ian Krueger

    yes i use a total of around 9 or 10 to keep everything in place. Im actually considering making myself a set of beefy collars to hold my axle clutches in place because i have the space. Also I use blue loctite on the ones i move often, and red loctite on the ones around the brake rotor, axle clutch, just to be safe. Ive lost a couple before on track

    WKA sprint

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    Tim Landon

    Geez, I wouldnt want to take an axle collar to the face shield at 100mph.  That would leave a mark!

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    Cliff Brannon

    I tried to leave them off the wheel hubs once and the tire slid over and rubbed the rail ending my race.  Now I put them everywhere.


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