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    Hey guys,
    I am quite keen on kart driving. It gives me a lot of joy. But I am looking for a real car that would give me similar experience t to this of karting racing. Now I am thinking of the Suzuki Swift or VW Polo. Which one would you choose?

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    The Polo is available with 180HP engine – wow.  I am not sure it is not too much for such a small car. I found a comparison between two cars and it seems that Swift has no chance.


    What do you think?

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    Jim Derrig

    Lotus Elise.

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    johnny brooks

    Caterham 7
    Ariel Atom
    Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

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    Cole Liggett

    My classic mini has some very kart like handling characteristics  through the corners.  Front wheel drive though.

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    Greg Lindahl

    I’ve raced Formula Ford, Formula 1000 (B) and D Sports Racer in SCCA and can tell you that NOTHING with doors is close to the feeling you’re experiencing in a  fast kart.

    Try road racing your kart if you want real racing experience.  Or, spend the money to chase the racing experience with at least a Formula 1000.

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    TJ Koyen

    No street car can gives you 2-3 Gs per corner and the agility of a vehicle that is essentially square on super soft racing slicks.

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    Jim Fry

    I have a Scion FRS. Incredible car, rear wheel drive, smooth 6 speed transmission, great brakes and handles like a dream on the 133 curves in 11 miles on the Tale of the Dragon, BUT it does not come close to my DR sprint kart with a Parilla X-30 TaG engine. Hard to beat karting. I do not believe you can with a production automobile.

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    Brian Degulis

    http://stalkercars.com/ I race one. The Gs HP to weight ratio and general driving experience are very close to a shifter kart.


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    Ted Hamilton

    Honda CRX Gen ii with urethane bushings, Si model, and good rubber.

    2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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    Rod Hawkins

    I have driven Porsches, Ferraris, AMG cars, m3s, rs4, rs5, etc. nothing cones close. Car mags brag when a car can pull 1g, while a minivan can pull .8g. A GTR to a minivan is closer in cornering performance than a GTR and a properly set up kart. That tells you all you need to know.

    Today we (F100) had a race at willow springs. Next to us the cars were also on the other track. 458, GTR, tons of built vipers, mclarens, 911s, vettes and even nascar street cars. While the juniors were driving we watched the karters enter the straight, go away from us and then brake and turn. We watched the cars on the other side. I made the comment to one of the racers next to me, “watch the karts and then watch the cars and tell me what looks more impressive”. The difference was obvious. It’s one of the reasons I don’t bother to track my m3 and kind of feels like cars are kind of boring now.

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    Dale Daugherty

    You would be a danger to society if you tried to replicate the feeling of a kart in a real car on the road.

    I’ll assume you mean a real car that you can drive on a track. In that case, the answer is always Miata. Unless of course you have the money for an Ariel Atom or BAC Mono or something of that sort. But as far as smiles per dollar are concerned: Miata.

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    Brian Degulis

    I eat Miata’s,  Porche’s, non track prepared Ferrari’s and all the American brands on track days with a car that cost under $45,000 new. I’ve not yet come up against an Atom but I drove one and I think the Stalker will eat that also.



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      Rod Hawkins

      Brian, you sure? Do a search for v8 atom and then decide. They say the performance is similar to a GP2 car. Pretty damn impressive and much better looking.

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    Brian Degulis

    No I’m not sure as I said I drove an Atom and couldn’t make the times I make in my car but the Atom was new to me and I have no idea how well it was set up. It had the power but didn’t handle as well snap over steer is a common problem with them. I went with a Stalker because it’s built right here in FL Costs less than an atom and uses common components that I can get at the local auto parts store.

    With an LS3 @ 480 HP in a 1700 lbs car it’s got power 0 to 60  in around 2.9 seconds. Very low profile open car with good suspension it sticks better than most mass produced cars and it doesn’t cost a fortune to keep it running. I TM KZ10B with factory prep is $7300. An LS3 crate engine is $7200.  The 480HP v8 costs less than the kart engine makes you wonder?



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