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      William Weiler

      I am watching racing videos and drivers reach down to their engine often. Is this to adjust their mixture screws on their carbs?

      TonyKart 401s LO206
      Masters Class
      Morgan Hill, CA

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      If it’s equipped with Yamaha KT100, HPV,  KPV, Some Aime and may be others with adjustable high and low.

      The beauty about the LO206 you want there is no tuning of the carb or clutch. You just concentrate in your driving.

      X30 you don’t tune either, or Shifter Karts.

      Dude! Just buy any Fairly new LO206 kart and you’ll be happy with it, drive it for a season and re sell it if you want something better. You’ll be just fine. Just head out to the track and do a bunch of seat time, and practice, That’s all you really need for now, just to get your foot in the door. We all rotate to better quality karts/chassis gradually.

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      Aaron Hachmeister

      Yeah, generally they reach down to lean the high end on a straight. The old Formula Super A’s needed to be choked before turn in to not bog down at the exits. Those look like a handful to drive.

      Like Freddy said, for you an LO206 is the way to go. Nice and straightforward so you can focus on your driving and not worry about anything else

Viewing 2 reply threads
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