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      Willy Renella


      I come to my kart family because I am in desperate need of help, I recently sold my RaceCloud unit and the new owner is having some issues pairing the unit. Does anyone know how to unpair the unit from the iOS app in order for the new owner to subscribe. It is still displaying my drivers information even though I have unpaired the unit myself . I have multiple attempts (over 50+ and still going) in reaching someone from RaceCloud and to be honest they are useless. No one replies to there support email or regular email, all of there numbers on there ‘Contact Us’ page are disconnected or are NOT RaceCloud, Skype is a waste since no one picks up, I have had some luck in Facebook Messenger but it was 1 reply to my 30+ messages to them. There reply was for me to send them an email saying that I sold the unit, which of course I did, going over 30 days now with no status update, reply or acknowledgment to any of my emails or messages.  I have posted on there Facebook Page and also attempted in contacting there COO, CEO and CTO via Facebook or LinkedIn, yes you read that right. I have attempted every avenue except this. I like to give companies the benefit of the doubt but honestly this is just unacceptable to have a customer go to this length just to resolve a simple issue.  If anyone knows how I can fix this, please let me know, my email is WillyRenella@gmail.com or call me 407-252-6249. If no one knows, please if there is anything you can do to get there attention and resolve my issue, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading, rant over.


      BC Racing NA

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