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    Chris LaTorre

    Come race at LAKC for $15.00 this Saturday evening.
    Prize money as follows:
    $100.00 – 1st Place
    $75.00 – 2nd Place
    $50.00 – 3rd Place
    Class will run from 5 to 6 p.m. Saturday after practice on all our scheduled race dates.

    Total cost to race is $15.00 for insurance.

    June race will be open to anyone 15 (competition age) and older.
    No membership required for June race only. Pre-Register or Register at the track June only. After that you will need to become a member and pre-reg online at: http:http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/lakc-annual-membership-pit-spots-2014-calspeed-karting-center-los-angeles-656516#.U6nwRfldWQB

    • Open to Karting 100cc air cooled 2 stroke motors, no shifters (gear boxes)
    • Open to any clutch or direct drive
    • Open tires to all brands and compounds
    • Open to any kart exhaust pipe
    • Open to motor types listed below, Weight will separate specific types as follows:
    • Yamaha Piston Port 310 LBS
    • HPV, KPV and All other Piston Port 330 LBS
    • All Reed and Rotary Valve motors 375 LBS
    • Gasoline – only pump or race gas
    • Drivers Age – completion age 15 and up
    • Class Limited to 34 drives
    • Two pea pick heats – 10 laps each
    • 20 lap main event time permitting
    • 10 min. break between heats and main for minor tuning
    • Each winner in the heat and main will add 5lbs to their kart and it will stay with them each time they race. This will slow down the fast guy’s we hope.
    • We pea pick first heat then invert the field for second heat
    • No points, No championship, No time for practice or warm up if you need that you will have to pay calspeed to practice.
    • Recycled trophies 1st-5th
    • Only clean racing allowed.
    • This is for fun!!!!!!!!
    • Competition age: The highest age of the driver during the calendar year (January 1 through December 31)

    race fast and race to win

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    Rod Hawkins

    This is a great idea for a night sprint. Too bad the wt classes don’t fit my equip list with my body type. I have a tony and a birel and with my wt using my KPVs I am at 365-370. For me to race this I’d have to lose over 30#. Not many 5’11” 44 year old dudes that weigh 150 or under. Too bad.

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