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      Don Miller II

      I’m getting out of karting / autocross and selling my ready-to-race Tony Kart / Honda Racing package!!
      The entire sale will include:

      • Custom built clamshell, enclosed trailer, capable of being towed by a car
      • Tony Kart Krypton chassis
      • Tony Kart Mitox back-up chassis
      • CKT Racing Honda 125cc shifter engine
      • Custom built motorized kart lift
      • 4 sets of tires/wheels, incl rains
      • Turbo Tire changer
      • Driver protection equipment (except helmet)
      • Every single spare piece, part, nut & bolt and fluid I have
      • You could literally drive directly to the track or autocross lot and race the same day!!
      • Asking $4,999 OBO – see details and pictures below
      • Located in Baltimore Maryland
      • Feel free to email me direct at dkmillerii@gmail.com

      All pictures here:Tony Kart Package


      The primary chassis is a 2005 Tony Kart Krypton that I’ve owned since Sept. 2007. I’m the 2nd owner. In the time I’ve owned it, it has never been to a true track or raced wheel to wheel. I only used it for SCCA Autocrosses at FedEx Field.  It has never been crashed or damaged. Everything on the rolling chassis is original except for brake pads and seals.  I sent the brakes to CKT Racing in Chicago about 3 or 4 years ago and had Jim Perry inspect them and do a full rebuild on them.  They work phenomenally!! It currently has a XXL Driveline Body Cast seat by Stallion setup for someone 5’7″ – 5’8″, but I’m including 2 additional seats. A never used, only mounted 1/4 pad Tillet L seat and a very used Deep Seat.

      The backup chassis is a Tony Kart Mitox rolling chassis.  I bought it from another local autocrosser to build a 2nd kart for my wife to run, but she never really got interested, so I never built it.  I don’t know the year of manufacture. It has a homologation tag that reads “FMK-FIA, ICC 264/02, TOA-J 265/02, TCA 266/02.  The serial number is ‘183801’. It comes with a brand new set of Tony Kart stickers for the bodywork and a set of brake seals.  It is also missing the steering wheel.


      The engine is a Honda CR125 shifter that has built by Jim Perry at CKT Racing in Chicago.  Feel free to contact Jim at (630) 513-5857.  He knows my kart is for sale and I’ve authorized him to discuss my engine with anyone who calls.

      In May 2014 and in January 2015, I sent Jim the engine twice to do some work for the 2014 autocross season and then sent it back to have the rest done. In the end, he did a full rebuild.  I then broke it in and ran the engine for the 2015 autocross season.  I did not race the 2016 or 2017 seasons.  It has been stored in my basement.  I’d be happy to share the invoices with anyone truly interested, but here are the highlights:

      • Rebuilt top end w/ Vertex piston
      • Rebuilt lower end w/ all new bearings and seals and crankshaft
      • Rebuilt the clutch
      • New motor mount
      • New pipe, silencer and air box mounts
      • New programmable ignition box
      • Water pump rebuilt
      • New air filter
      • Rebuilt the fuel pumps
      • New VForce 3 Reed Valve System
      • Over $3k invested in the engine
        • At the time, I had no intention of getting out of karting, expected my kids to continue in kid karts and to get my wife into the Mitox.  But, life changes, kid grew out of karts, wife wasn’t truly interested and I had a completely rebuilt engine and decided to quit karting at the end of 2015.  The only reason it has all sat in the basement for 2016 & 2017 was a hope that I’d get back into karting.  Unfortunately, that is not happening and it’s time to sell it all.


      Another local autocrosser built the stand for me.  It uses a winch to raise and lower the entire stand, allowing you to put the kart on the ground with the use of a remote control. Send me an email and I’ll send you a video of it in operation.  If you look at the pictures of the trailer, the kart stand folds and sits under the wooden platform that the kart sits on.


      The trailer came as part of my first kart purchase back in 2005.  It is completely enclosed and lockable. It has a spare tire up front with a storage shelf accessible from the front of the trailer.  I’ve towed it with a Honda Odyssey and also a VW Jetta.  The lights work off a standard 4-pin trailer plug. The tires were replaced about 4 years ago.


      I’m including 4 tire bags.  There are 2 complete sets of MG Green tires and OTK wheels.  There is 1 complete set of Bridgestone rain tires mounted on DWT wheels.  The 4th bag has 4 rear tires that I intended to make into concrete anchors to hold down my EZ-UP canopy.  The kart has a 3rd set of OTK wheels and MG Green tires and the Mitox has the 4th set of wheels and tires. I’m also including my Turbo Tire Changer, which is mounted to a plywood board so you can stand on it for leverage.


      • Look at pictures for details
      • Ready-mix gas gan
      • Extra hubs
      • Extra motor mount
      • Honda motor cover
      • AIM Racing computer, main mounted on kart for RPMs, water temp and exhaust temp. Includes expander to run additional sensors
      • Electronic timing pod
      • Chassis setup book
      • Memo Gidley’s Secrets of Speed book
      • Toolbox full of sprockets, gears, nuts and bolts – look at pics
      • Two stroke oil, about 1/2 gallon
      • 50/50 antifreeze, about 1/2 gallon
      • Rain cover for kart
      • DOT 3&4 brake fluid
      • Transmission fluid
      • Multiple chain lubes
      • Braker bleeder
      • All sway/chassis bars
      • Additional chassis setup worksheets
      • A ton of stickers
      • 2 extra axles
      • Sniper laser alignment kit
      • Extra chains and chain breaker
      • Extra spark plugs
      • Additional jets for carburetor
      • 2nd toolbox
      • I have various driver suits and safety equipment.  I’ll include anything that would fit the buyer, except my helmet.

      Before I listed the kart and b/c it sat for almost 18 months without being run, I went and bought a gallon of fresh Sunoco C110, now called Sunoco Standard Leaded, cleaned out the carb and fuel pumps and got her started.  Once primed, the engine started on the 2nd pull and ran beautifully.  Again, I’d be happy to send you a video.

      Please feel free to contact me with any questions, to make an offer or to discuss options for purchase/transport.  I am willing to meet halfway, within reason.

      Thanks – Don

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