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      Larry Dobbs

      If you have never experienced arguably one of the most famous race tracks in the world, I highly recommend it!  Come join us Saturday January 24th for one of the wildest rides in karting!  Go to http://www.nckroadracing.com for details.

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      Larry Dobbs

      Are you kidding me?!  We got folks coming from WA, OR, AZ, NV and the weather is going to be perfect for making horsepower!  What a great way to start the racing season out.

      2015 NCK Schedule Released!*

      NCK Series Schedule has been released for the 2015 season! The schedule is TENTATIVE, with Laguna Seca being our only Official race at this time. Other races may change tracks and/or dates.

      Laguna Seca Raceway – Saturday, January 24

      Thunderhill Raceway WEST – Saturday, May 30

      Thunderhill Raceway MAIN -Monday, July 27

      Buttonwillow Raceway Park (New Pavement!!!!!) – Sunday, August 30

      Thunderhill Raceway WEST – Saturday, October 31

      Sonoma Raceway – Saturday, November 28

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      Joe Street

      Here is a video from the last NCK race at Laguna in summer 2014. Most of the footage is from Anthony Williams, #5 Superkart, but there are also some other classes shown racing at Laguna Seca. The first race of the year is at Laguna on 24 January, 2015. If you’ve never raced Laguna before, this video includes a detailed look at the track and some perspectives you may not have seen before. Hope to see everyone there.

      #99 Anderson Superkart

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      Excellent job Joe – love all the special affects and great music!! :)


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      Greg Lindahl

      I don’t understand why we don’t have to turn people away from a race at Laguna Seca!

      It’s a pleasure and privilege to race at this track, and it looks like there will be plenty of room for those of us racing on it.

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      Jason Santander

      easy.. the threshold for most karters to come out to big tracks is about $250-275. Especially for a non premium weather month. $300 and your squeezing it, any more and its a no. If it was a big annual event like a USKGP at laguna, that will bring out more drivers that will pay any.

      When i hosted the practice days i would’nt do it if it was any more than $230. You’d just get more volume when the fee is reasonable imo.

      see you saturday greg

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      John Kuntze

      Debbie and I went the first event she had never driven the track and wanted to try it at least once I had driven the old version which I still think is a better track before it got screwed up. It was a $1000 day for us to run 1 class I won’t go again and spend that much money to run 1 class. Change the format give me a couple of classes that I can race in and be competitive for about $250 I will be their and I know of a few others that would also. The noise rule prevents people from running I heard a few people say they don’t want to buy a silencer to run 1 event I know it’s a track rule but some just don’t want to take a chance spending a lot of money and might get kicked out.

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      Ray Chiappe

      The track rental fee must be the highest of all tracks NCK goes to. And Sound limits are a pain, but next to Sonoma, Laguna is a very close 2nd for the fun factor. JMO

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      Larry Dobbs

      Thanks Ray, Laguna is one of the best!

      John, we are a nonprofit and only charge what we need to.  As for the 92 db limit, NCK has turned hundreds of laps already within the limit so if you want to become a member of our club and race at any or all of our events this year you are welcome to ask any of our members that run the same class that you would like to run in and we will get you in under the limit, after all it is the same for everyone.  As for the price of admission, I know that some folks have not been able to afford to go racing with us, and I hope that whatever is keeping them from joining us can be solved.  If we had more participants we could lower the entry fee.  It’s a “catch 22”.  You are eligible for first time racer with NCK since it has been so long since you have raced with us, but I hope you can join us some time this year.  It will be good to see you and Deb so we can catch-up!

      Jason, the weather is expected to be a sunny 70 and if you are wanting to go racing then NCK is the place, but try to stay on the track(jk)!!

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      Looking for an arrive and drive arrangement for Laguna Seca… experienced road racer.




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      Ray Chiappe

      Again thanks to NCK, What a great track Laguna Seca is! And also what great weather!! 74 degrees in January! Tack is awesome

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      Greg Lindahl

      This event pegged the funometer, as usual!

      Again, I don’t understand why we don’t have to turn people away from our races, but I’ll just consider myself fortunate.

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        Agreed, that was a good time!  A beautiful Big-Time facility and we’re lucky to race on it.  Thank you NCK!.

        …and as usual, Greg, a blast racing with you.  How’d that video turn out?

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