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      Rod Hawkins

      I race with a couple different clubs and have been running the KPV motor. Sounds like the clubs will also be offering the KA100 option as well, which I have been all for since it is a more modern motor and a tiny bit more power without getting into the complexity and cost (more about this in a minute) of a TAG.

      That being said, Comet and others were offering the KA at an intro price of around $1600. I have been looking at it over the past several months. I just looked at it and now it appears that the prices have gone up and now the base package is around $2300 and a blueprinted is like $2700. At this point, it is kind of ruining one of the BIG reasons I like the motor so much (cost and accessibility to more people). At $2700 you can buy a pretty nice slightly used TAG, but there aren’t enough used KA motors out there (yet) to supply a bunch of people with used ones.

      A few people I know what to run the blueprinted version, but in the couple articles I have read, they state that the motor is very consistent which is why the racing is so close.

      So my question is, do I really need a blueprinted KA to be able to compete, or is it more of just “fluff” and not needed? If its absolutely necessary, I may just have to wait a year and then there will be more used versions on the market, which isn’t what I wanted to do. Too bad the price has shot through the roof, and I hope it doesn’t mean that the class and motor don’t take off, as $2700 for an entry motor, really is a HUGE jump from an LO206 and not far from just getting a TAG (and far more than some older but used TAGs)

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      David Cole

      The KA100 can be run right out of the box. It is the 2-Cycle version of the Briggs 206. The cost is relative to the speed, less than a TaG and faster than a Briggs. It is obviously faster than a Yamaha Can as well without all the clutch work.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Bryan Williams

      Also from what I have been told it looks like your savings vs a tag will be in the rebuild costs. I builder I talked to was saying if you started with a fresh motor he would recommend about half way through the season 4-5 races do a full rebuild and then at the end of the year to set you up for the next season.

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      TJ Koyen

      We competed in the top 5 all season in USPKS on a stock KA and didn’t perform one rebuild all season. Engine was as strong the final weekend (2nd in the final) as it was at the beginning of the year.

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      Jim Scatena

      My son raced the full USPKS series on a stock KA also. He was competitive all year and set his fastest relative time in the final race. His lap times in the final race were 3rd fastest of the group. Even faster than his teacher – TJ :)

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