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    Hey I have a chance to pick up this kart for 7-800$ and am trying to figure if it is worth buying, and if it can be converted to centrifugal clutch easily. It has an IAME engine, older 100cc model I believe. So yeah, how much is it worth, and can I convert to a centrifugal clutch and if so how much $ would it cost…






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    Greg Wright

    You have what looks like a late 70s-early 80s Quicksilver enduro kart. It would be a terrible choice for a play machine and probably only has value to a vintage enduro guy. Even then they may be asking too much for it for the condition it’s in. Look’s like a Parilla rotary valve engine on it as well. Again a vintage object.


    I’d like to have it myself for restoration but wouldn’t pay that much with it in that rough of condition.

    Please do not bastardized this machine into a play kart.

    Greg Wright
    Rapid Racing Inc.
    Vintage B-Stock Pilot
    "When in doubt Gas it, It won't help but it ends the suspense."

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    Steve Matotan


    All karts are for play. Do what ever you want.


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    Mike Berg

    Hi Marcus,
    The enduro kart can only be used at enduro tracks ( long sports car type tracks ).
    The engine is a Parilla TT25 which can be set up for a clutch.
    If you buy this thing I would like to trade you for a engine with a clutch for the Parilla engine no clutch, would be a TKM reed fresh with a clutch.
    Mike Berg

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