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      Quincy Smith

      I’m looking at making the jump from TaG to a Shifter..  I love TaG, and have ran very well over the years, but this year WKA Road Race folks changed the weights around in the Leopard class and dropped the weight from 390 to 375 to add the newer X30, I’m a bigger guy and was already going across the scale at 405/410 so it’s time to buy a X30 since I will weigh more than they have to with my little Leopard, and I don’t see being able to keep my Sonik going to race the TaG Heavy class since it’s getting really hard to find parts, sooooo why not make the switch since I’ve always wanted to try shifter racing???

      I want to continue doing more Road Racing than anything, and the Stock Honda looks like the best route (for parts and maybe kart count), but I’m a little worried about the weight since I’m sure the shifter motor weighs a little more than my TaG (I’ve got a shifter frame already)..  I’m thinking the weight difference won’t be a severe of a handicap running shifter, but maybe I’m wrong, so can someone throw in a thought about this..

      Also, how big of a difference in motor rules are there between SKUSA and WKA, because it seems like all the motors for sale are SKUSA legal but never a mention of WKA??

      Thanks, Quincy

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      Jack Cook

      The SKUSA motor is a 2001 engine package. You will want a 1999 engine package for road racing. I RR out west with a stock moto 1999 cylinder and the weight is 400 lbs. but that is IKF I am not sure what WKA weight is. There is a SKUSA 2001 cylinder class out here but the weight is same as SKUSA at 385 lbs. I am a big guy myself and with my outfit I go across the scale at 410-420. Swedtech racing built my engine they know the rules

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      David Cole

      Quincy, contact Brian Fisher at Fisher Racing Engines to get the best information about road racing the Stock Honda package. He powers nearly everyone in the field.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Byron Rothenhoefer

      Wka allows 2001 cylinders as well.

      Skusa mandates all parts are oem Honda parts. Wka mandates some parts be oem, for example head gasket, piston, hard parts, but seals gaskets not necessarily.

      Skusa legal would be legal in wka or any other organization in the USA.

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Fisher racing engines probably powers 75% of the SH class.</p>

      Stock Honda 13

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