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    Ed Chappee

    Does anyone here have any experience with trimming or re-profiling a Ribtec XLT seat?  If so, what did you use to cut down the seat?  How did you determine where to cut it down or trim it?


    Ed Chappee

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    Randy McKee

    Where is it causing interference?  Example: it’s hitting motor on right near front right or it’s too tall and crunching my armpit. Nah, forget that… call Ribtect, explain the situation and get the right answer.  877-RIBTECT

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    Ed Chappee

    Randy, too tall and digging in the armpits – impossible to use as is.  Will give Ribtec a call to see what they say.

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    Walt Gifford

    All you do is cut 3/4″ off the top and round it off in the front to blend it into the wings. If it’s not enough trim a little more. I use a saber saw and dust mask. If it has any edging glued on you’ll have to take that off and re-glue it.


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    Ed Chappee

    Thanks Walt – going for it!  Will post photos when we get to it.

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    Tim Koyen

    That’s the way we trim the DeepSeat as well.  A fine toothed jig saw blade, and then a file to clean it up.

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    Ed Chappee

    Walt & Tim,

    Thanks for the help – will be going for it as soon as we get the chance!

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    Ed Chappee

    Here is a link to the finished product.  Came out great.


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