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    Jim Silverheels

    Please go view this video and tell me why they drill the low speed jet passgae. You’d think it was for more fuel but of course all you would have to do is open the low speed needle more. thanks


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    Stephen barthelmass

    You drill it and open it more. If I had to guess its to get more flow without having to worry about it vibrating out. Also no matter how far you open a valve if the initial port is too small it will just lean out.

    Ive done this to 2 carbs  and the before and after is extremely noticeable.

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      Brett Staples

      Hi All

      I have tried to open link but wont work, would someone be able to make this happen

      Thanks Brett

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    Walt Gifford

    Drilling that hole ensures enough fuel feeds the low needle before metering. Of course you have to pull the welsh plug to clean up because chips go everywhere.


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