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    Jim Silverheels

    Man Cup rules for Tag Senior. Leopard 365 lbs..x-30 , 375 lbs. If a Leopard must run 365 lbs and is about 27 hp for a good engine, that means 365/27=13.52 lbs/hp.  If the x-30 must weigh in at 375 lbs/31 hp for a good engine=12.1 lbs/ hp.  Sumtin wrong here, just thinking ?

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    Brian Seward

    It’s actually X30 (370) and Leopard (365) after Saturday of Mooresville event.  Added 10 to Rotax and took 5 off X30 and did nothing with Leopard even though the Leopard was clearly the slowest of the three packages.  Rotax is not a series sponsor and IAME doesn’t want to manufacture Leopards anymore.

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