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      Jim Silverheels

      Would anyone guess why a Rotax Max would use a fuel/oil ratio that is  about 1/2 what other engines use?

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      Charles Kaneb

      My short answer is that it has a coated piston and a plated bore.

      My longer answer is that they wanted less maintenance and lower emissions than other engines. Therefore, they chose a cleaner-burning synthetic oil, specified a lower oil-gas ratio to try to minimize buildup, and relied on the coatings to avoid seizure when lubrication conditions worked well.

      In my case at least it worked. I got 81 hours out of a Rotax piston on Gulf 93 and Motul synthetic. It’s probably the best part of the Rotax package.

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      Walt Gifford

      That’s it, it goes so long between maint they don’t want the carbon build up. You can run more oil if you want, I ran 32:1 for the short time I had mine.


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Viewing 2 reply threads
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