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      Adam Gorrell

      Hows it going everyone? So last year was my first year of racing. I have 4 Karts (2 OTK Stock Moto Shifters and 2 Rotax Max Senior (1 OTK and 1 Intrepid)) and had used DOT 4 Fluid for the brakes since it was recommended to me last year. Well this Past Saturday at my Night race I was told DOT 5 was supposed to be used in the OTK Karts. Both shifters that night I noticed the fronts were binding up after coming off the track and would slowly release after being turned a while or cooled off. The rear was fine and never bound up on either.

      Well Now I am wanting to switch them back to DOT 5 Brake Fluid since its supposed to be used. My question is, how should I go about switching them back?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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      Matt Martin

      if the brakes are binding, i’d check the bore of the master cylinders, and bore of the brake calipers – make sure they’re not terribly scored up.

      I would also call the manufacturer/distributor for the parts you have, and see what they say to run.


      Remember DOT5.1 =/= DOT5.

      DOT5.1 and DOT4 are gylcol-based fluids.

      DOT5 is Silicone.


      What that means is that you usually don’t find rubber seals compatible with both – it’s one or the other.




      EDIT: it seems OTK uses DOT5 (silicone-based fluids).

      My intrepid with Righetti Ridolfi Master cylinders runs DOT4 or gylcol-based fluids.

      If you ran the wrong fluids, you’ll need to replace all the seals in the brake system – both master cylinders, and front and rear calipers.


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