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      Tony Wayne

      We are allowed to run PZ26 Carbs on our stock appearing animals.  When I take material out of the inside of the carb, I can take out enough in the top of the venture so the back side of the slide no longer clears when under full throttle.  Should I shorten the slide or will that screw things up, or is it the spring compressed that is the stop?   Also does anyone know if someone makes a brass throttle adjustment for the top of a PZ26, like a PZ22 has?

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      James Frantz


      You can shorten the slide on the top, you can remove material from the bottom of the cap or you can just add another gasket. To my knowledge no one makes the brass nut in the top of the carb separately. For stock appearing applications and when i want adjustability on a WF carb i have retaped the cap for a bolt with a hole drilled through it lengthwise. The same will work for an Animal carb.


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