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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    Just barely learning about tire temp and pressure, first thing while reading info here and there  is to get a good tool.

    What do you guys recommend? longacre seems to be the most common one, if so, which model?…

    Also, if you guys have any recommendations, table or anything that can help with the relation between track temp= tire temp= tire pressure/caster/camber adjustment I’ll appreciate it. Anything you know about it for small as it can be, it will be new to me.

    Thanks in advance.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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    Gary Lawson

    Any probe model is fine. Infrared can be misleading and surface temp changes quickly
    Longview is fine

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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    Thank you Gary,

    I followed your advice and got a probe one.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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