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      Ace Rossi

      Does anyone in the U.S. make and or sell a push bar for starting shifter karts?

      I have looked but only found one type in the UK, that seemed way over priced!

      Im considering trying to fab a simple one that either my buddies can use or when my better half is with me, she can use it!

      Also, I am doing this because I myself took a nasty fall after pushing off another karter this past weekend! Hurt my left knee and right forearm and just trying to make things easier and safer For everyone!

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      Walt Gifford

      The trick to push starting is to always keep your weight on your feet and never on your hands. If you lean into it too much you’ll either get dropped on your face or tangled up and dragged.

      They make a 5th wheel that goes behind your seat with a lever.


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      William Martin

      You need my top secret mini-JATO bottle…but I can’t tell you about it, it’s top secret you know…

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      Scot Smith

      Ace I sent you a PM

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      russ Jolly

      The drivers should know better.. pop clutch, start, engage clutch, brake… or just start the kart on the stand and ground it in neutral..

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      Steen Carstensen

      Get ready, kart in neutral, the starter puts one foot on rear bumper, and on your signal, gives a good strong push with foot, driver hits gear lever for second gear, engine starts, grab clutch and put in neutral, job done.

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      Chris Reinhardt

      Push stick sounds like a good idea until it pops off and catches the driver in the back of the neck!!!!

      A block of wood and strap always served me well in a 125….

      Chris Reinhardt

      CR2 Motorsports


      XV Racing Products



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      Rob Kozakowski

      I remember back in the mid-90’s, running against a guy who had a VERY LARGE friend who push started him.  Not to sound mean, but the friend was of a shape and size that he couldn’t bend down to push start him.  The tool they used?  A hockey stick, with the blade cut off and the end of the shaft of the stick cut into a “V” groove.  He could basically stand in one spot or maybe take one or two steps in an upright position at a normal walking pace and give a push and the thing would fire up.

      The point being, you don’t need anything fancy.  You don’t really need much speed or distance to start a shifter, so anything to just get the thing moving will usually do.

      I used to run direct drives against some guys who used the 5th wheel that Walt mentioned.  I never saw then used on shifters though – not that they couldn’t be – I just think they might be more suited to direct drive that normally takes more speed and space to get going.

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