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      Ken Shifterkart

      Our Series Finale is a Street Race in the middle of a City-Wide Festival! Don’t miss it!

      This event is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from all other PKC races for the season –
      the SCHEDULE, the PRICE, the TRACK,… the FUN! Hope you can join us!

      Register NOW – and before this coming TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd AT MIDNIGHT – and SAVE… time and money at the track!

      Register online now at http://www.skusastore.com

      Find ALL important event info, including directions, posted at http://www.superkartsusa.com/regional/california-pkc/event-calendar/round-6-2014.html

      Our online store is open until this coming Tuesday night at midnight for everything you will need for this event. Here are the rest of the EXCITING DETAILS! (Please share this email with any racers you know that may not be on our distribution.)

      CLASSES – these will be the same PKC categories that we have been running all year – ALL ARE ELIGIBLE FOR TROPHIES TO 3RD PLACE AT THE END OF THE RACE ON SUNDAY – including TaG Cadet Rookie. See our CLASSES page for details at http://www.superkartsusa.com/regional/california-pkc/classes.html

      TRACK AND VENUE INFO – For the 6th year in a row, this track will be built thru the city streets of Lancaster, CA. All of the important track and venue info, including the track map, is posted on the Round 6 website link shown above.

      PRICING – Just $405 for Race Entry and 1 Set of Race Tires. (Race Entry only is $195 for this 2-day event.) Anyone that registers to race thru our online store before this Tuesday night at midnight will save up to $90 off of the walk-up pricing. Go to http://www.skusastore.com to register now and purchase anything else you will need, including spectator/crew pit passes. OR if you’d rather pay cash or check at the track, you can still use our downloadable form, as long as you fill it out and send it in before this Tuesday night at midnight. Registering with this form will still save you $90 off the walk-up entry fees – AND will save time at the track at check-in! That form can be found here: http://www.superkartsusa.com/dmdocuments/2014_SOLGP_Race_Entry_Form.pdf

      SKUSA MEMBERSHIP – A current ANNUAL SKUSA membership/racing license is still required to race with PKC. Go to http://www.superkartsusa.com/membership.html for that info and to apply for your license (or to renew it) now. Click http://www.superkartsusa.com/regional/california-pkc/rules.html if you are new to PKC/SKUSA, for a quick look at our other important series competition rules (like colored number panels).

      EVENT SCHEDULE – TRACK BUILD ONLY ON THURSDAY. MOVE-IN BEGINS on FRIDAY, Sept. 26 AT 10AM (until 8pm). This day is for move-in, setup and Registration check-in only. NO PRACTICE on Friday – as that is when the Lancaster VIPs will be on track for the start of their practice sessions and races. Even though we would like everyone parked/pitted on Friday, we will complete the move-in on Saturday morning, Sept 27, from 6:30am to 8:00am, with a mandatory Driver’s Meeting at 7:30am. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY are the PKC on-track days, with podium at the end of racing on Sunday. You can find the full event schedule as it is currently planned here: http://www.superkartsusa.com/regional/california-pkc/event-calendar/round-6-2014.html?start=2 . A copy of the FINAL schedule will be given out at the track.

      PIT SPOT RESERVATIONS – Are highly recommended at this event – and everyone will need to pay for a pit spot at this event anyway – so why not choose a good spot now? Go to http://www.skusastore.com/product-p/pkc-evt-pitspot-solgp.htm for a look at the blank pit map and to purchase your pit spots now – and we’ll give you the best spots available! NOTE: Although this map has not yet been populated, the pits will surely be completely full by race day. Choose between two different sizes – 10’x20’ spots at $20 each and 10’x40’ spots are $40 each. NOTE: NO passenger vehicles will be allowed to park inside the pits, so please don’t make room for them in your pit spot.

      CAMPING AT THE TRACK – Is also allowed at this event for $50, along with the cost of the pit spot taken up by your camping vehicle. More info is posted on our Venue Info page here: http://www.superkartsusa.com/regional/california-pkc/event-calendar/round-6-2014.html?start=1. You can pre-purchase your camping/pit spots in the online store here: http://www.skusastore.com/category-s/1821.htm.

      HOST HOTELS – There are many great hotels in the area of this event. PKC has listed the top 5 recommended/host hotels on our website here: http://www.superkartsusa.com/regional/california-pkc/event-calendar/round-6-2014.html?start=3.

      OTHER IMPORTANT TRACK RULES – Please leave ALL pit vehicles at home (motorized and non-motorized), as our insurance and city officials are not allowing them in our pits. Don’t forget your fire extinguishers, per the recently updated SKUSA rule!

      LIVE RACING FEED AND LIVE SCORING – available in your pit for just $250 for this race! (Plus the cost of a rental TV, if needed). How awesome would it be to view the racing around the whole track, as well as stay up to speed on the results? This is being subsidized by the City of Lancaster! Call us now at 951-491-0808 for more info and to reserve this service for your pit. Deadline to reserve is next Wednesday 9/24 by noon. Install will take place as you move in next Friday 9/26.

      10-DAY WEATHER FORECAST – Is looking GOOD! Cooler temps in the 80s are predicted, so let’s hope it stays that way!

      This race will be surrounded by a city-wide FESTIVAL! Go to http://www.streetsoflancaster.com/index.php for more of those details. We hope you take full advantage of our event schedule
      to enjoy the entertainment, the restaurants, the bars, the beer gardens — even street vendors and rides for the kids!

      And there will be NO gate fee to get into the festival at this event!


      Hope to see you at the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix!

      Tom & Patti Kutscher
      ProKart Challenge & Superkarts! USA
      951-491-0808 phone
      951-491-0809 fax
      info@superkartsusa.com email

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