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      Robert Lawson

      I have an unfinished F-125 project that got the axe by the owner. Will sell all or part of this stuff just to get it out of my garage. All parts, pieces and components can be photographed and sent via text or email.


      Chassis is a Margay enduro, we have no idea what model or year because it is not stamped/marked from the manufacture. After sending many pics they assume someone that worked for them built this chassis from parts in the shop. It has been cut up for F-125 alteration and does not have the new bits added so it will need a full build up to be used. It does have MXK adjustable king pins and is set up with a 40mm rear axel/bearings/hangers. I am willing to make a deal on this and do not expect to get much for it.


      With the 40mm axel set up there is full 40mm CIK parts to go with it. These are used parts but in good condition. Parts include:

      Hubs, brake hub and rotor, spare cassettes and bearings, sprockets and wheels of different sizes.


      These parts are all NEW IN BOX:

      1-MCP 4250 rear caliper (4 piston, fits metric rotor) with Power pads included  ($250)

      2-MCP 562.2 fwb rotor 8.5″ x 1/4″ ($75)

      2-MCP 1250 fwb caliper with OEM pads ($200)

      2-MCP 875 master cylinder ($120)

      1-MCP remote fwb bias control ($70)

      ($ in bold is my cost)

      There may be more misc parts too, its been awhile since opening the boxes out there.

      Please send any offers or photo requsts to: f-125@hotmail.com

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      Robert Lawson

      Just an update.


      As I have been getting requests I have been pulling the parts out of boxes and snaping pics. I found a 40mm Hegar Sprag hub and sprockets and a bunch of 2 piece 40mm axel sprockets all for 428 chain.


      Make an offer guys, were ready to ship this stuff outta here!!!



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      Robert Lawson


      Those prices were to let you know what the original purchase price was. I can’t believe no one has a use for any of these parts!!! I have gotten no offers…..not even a ridiculous one!!!!!

      My loss is your gain….

      C’mon fellas, someone has to have a project out there????

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