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    Greg Lindahl

    In Road Racing we have combined classes in such a way as to create classes for all comers. In an effort to give older Modified Motos a place to race, we’ve combined them in FKE II. Some Stock Moto folks take advantage of this class as well and are not able to compete with a Mod Moto.

    Question: Using a programmable ignition with a curve for a modified moto engine should gain a small amount of power, correct?

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    William Martin

    Depends on what you consider “small”, I suppose. It will not be optimum to throw a mod engine timing curve into the mix unless you have porting work to make good use of the extended rpm range that the mod engine curve will permit. Still, worth a try I think. Just don’t expect too much!

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    Greg Wright

    If the box is programmed to suit stock porting etc, you should see some gain. However it won’t be the same curve as used on the mod moto.

    Greg Wright
    Rapid Racing Inc.
    Vintage B-Stock Pilot
    "When in doubt Gas it, It won't help but it ends the suspense."

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    Chris Reinhardt

    Before anybody got a lot out of programmable ignitions, we took the 99 boxes with the stator plates at FULL ADVANCE and we were able to pickup nearly as much as with the programmable boxes…

    Save your money and advance the stator plate…





    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


    XV Racing Products



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      Frank Rapisarda

      Greg Chris is right save your money and just pull the stator turn it over and you will see the holes are already slotted from the back side. You can use a dremel tool to slot the thin steel plate that is on the front side without taking it off, use the slot from the back side as your guide. The one other small detail that could turn into a big one, is only run 112 or higher race fuel or your motor won’t last more than a few laps because detonation.

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    Joey Guyon

    I developped a bolt-on / easy to remove +1.5hp kit for stock moto that are fitted with 01 cylinder and mandated 99 ignition. It consists of vforce reed cage, base gasket change and programmable ignition. Added bottom and and over rev, as well as more reliable and easier jetting.

    Add 1 more hp with cylinder head modification.

    Requires zero porting and all parts can be changed back to stock moto regs in 30 minutes.

    it worked well at our club where all shifters are run together at the same weight: stock moto, mod moto, ICC, KZ, Tag Shifter.

    I would add a vforce reed cage immediately. Its the best value for added power.


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