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      Chris Berg

      Below are a list of various kart parts we have for sale. We are asking $800 $650 for the entire lot, and would like to keep from parting things out. However, if there is particular item you would like, please contact me.

      XL Tillet Seat – Sold

      Alum. Radiator – Sold

      AMB yellow transponder (w/ charger) – Sold

      Douglas Mag. rims with mounted MG rain tires – Sold

      Douglas Mag. rims with mounted MG slicks – Sold

      Dunlop kart cover – Sold

      Lots of lubricants and oils

      Exact Toe – Sold

      Rear Gears (Alum.-71, 72, 73, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80, 84, 86) (Teflon – 73, 75) – All Sold

      Kart Racewear Seat Pad – Sold

      Tire Whiz tire remover and mounter – Sold

      Airbox cover and outer filter

      Toe plates (Two sets) – Intercomp set Sold

      Tire bag – Sold

      IAME Leopard enduro clutch and drum – Sold

      IAME Leopard 10t driver – Sold

      #219 chain breaker – Sold

      IAME Leopard starter motor end

      Alum. lock collars (two) – Sold

      Engine mounts

      Alum. chassis mounting brackets (two)

      IAME clutch puller – Sold

      IAME clutch wrench – Sold

      Tollotson 334A carb – Sold

      #219 chains (Three) – Sold

      Safety Wire – Sold

      Spring puller

      Pop-off gauge – Sold

      Wheel nuts

      Intrepid eccentric pills (two sets)

      Fulcrum arm height gauge – Sold

      Tie-rod ends (five)

      Intrepid King Pin bolts (four) – Sold

      IAME Leopard reed cage

      Piston stop – Sold

      IAME thermostat

      MyChron large water temp sensor – Sold

      Various Tollotson carb. parts – Sold

      IAME Leopard clutch keys and bearings

      IAME Leopard exhaust studs (three)

      IAME Leopard ignition box rain cover

      Outerwears MyChron rain cover

      Intrepid bottom front bumper bar – Sold

      Intrepid brake parts

      Foam inner filter for airbox

      Intrepid RF spindle – Sold

      Tire bead breaker – Sold

      Tie Rods (four)

      Intrepid/SKM alum. brake bleeder

      Ratio Rite

      Extra exhaust flex

      ZoomBang seat pads – Sold

      External starter – Sold

      Please let me know, via chris.berg22@gmail.com or PM, if you have any questions.

      NorthernLights Motorsports

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      Chris Berg

      To the top.

      NorthernLights Motorsports

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