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      Greg Nelson

      The Italian GP is next!! Get your picks in!!
      Points as of Spa
      1-P Hir 617 + 5 npb + 0 Q + 43 R + 5 pbp = 655
      2-J Derrig 607 + 0 Q + 43 R = 650
      3-JD Gomez 604 + 5 npb + 0 Q + 33 R = 637
      4-G Dzielinski 568 + 5 npb + 0 Q + 30 R + 10 pbp = 608
      5-G Nelson 530 + 5npb +0 Q+ 58 R + 5B pbp = 598
      6-L Andrews 528 + 0 Q + 43 R = 571
      7- K McHale 433 + 5 npb + 5 Q + 39 R + 10 pbp = 492
      8-J Martin 394 + 0 Q + 28 R = 422
      9-F Brun-Wibuax 364 + 0 Q + 16 R = 380

      Q= Qualifying (points: 3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd) R= Race npb= new pick bonus pbp= podium bonus pts (each correct order pick on the podium gets 5 pts)

      Ferrari and Kimi show signs of a pulse (Alonso is always alive), can Monza bring a podium? a win?

      Can MB jump back to the top for the first time since Germany?
      It’s a speed track, MB teams will dominate, can Williams finally get Bottas to the top?
      Will Hamilton continue to have an up and down year?
      Will his frustration take Nico and him out?
      7 races left and now Riccardo has a slim chance, can the Silver Arrows boys keep their eye on the goal or will they take each other out and give Red Bull it’s 5th championship in a row?
      Make your picks and find out!!

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      Greg Nelson

      Might change my mind by then, but here goes!
      Q Ham, Massa, Rosberg
      R Bottas, Riccardo, Alonso
      I do think Hammy will take Rosberg and Massa out at the start and Vettel will be close to or at the front but will succumb to Bottas and follow orders and let Riccardo go, but Vettel’s car will fail him again, letting Alonso onto the podium for a small Ferrari victory that will still disappoint he home crowd.

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      Paul Hir

      Q Ham,Rosberg,Vettel
      R Ham,Ric,Vettel

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      Jim Derrig

      Crapp.  Race after race I’ve expected Hamilton to crawl out of the hole he’s seems to be falling into and race after race something happens to him.  I’m giving up and going with Nico, which means, of course, that the bad luck will finally go away and Hamilton will dominate Monza.

      Q–Ros, Ham, Bottas.

      R–Ros, Ham, Bottas

      Riccardo’s having a heck of a season, but I don’t think that can overcome the Renault’s deficiencies at this track.

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      Greg Dzielinski

      Q = ROS – HAM – ALO

      R = HAM – ROS – BOT

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      Greg Nelson

      Gearbox change for Nico will drop him 5 on the grid,
      Q Ham, Alonzo, Vettel
      R Bottas, Alonso, Hamilton

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