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      Greg Nelson

      Standings after  Austin GP
      1-J Derrig          1003
      2-Hir                  978
      3-JD Gomez     936
      4-G Nelson       905
      5-G Dzielinski  893
      6-L Andrews    845
      7- K McHale    763
      8-F Brun-Wibuax   620
      9-J Martin      565

      10- R Jones    68

      Congrats to Kevin McHale for nailing the max points with perfect picks and getting all the bonus points, 84 points

      Welcome Mr Jones

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      Greg Nelson

      Brasil: Time for some drama so it’s not just a runaway for Hammy.

      As usual for Q, but time for Hamilton’s bad luck to return and make things a little more interesting- DNF? Bad pit late?  Get picked off by a backmarker?  Massa’s last hurrah?

      Q Rosburg    Hamilton   Riccardo

      R Rosburg    Massa    Bottas

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      Q Ham, ros, ric
      R Ham, ros, ric

      I think Hamilton has the edge over nico ! Nico has the pace but he obviously has problems when he knows Ham is on the attack!!! I think he knows Ham is the better drive and have always known this! I think that raw talent is starting to show in this case,and is nico really good or is it the mercs package? (I think It’s the sliver arrow and not him) GO Hamilton.!!!

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      Paul Hir

      Q Ros, Ham, ric
      R Ham, ros, ric

      It would be cool if Hamilton DNF and Ros one so it would go down to the higher finisher at the last race, but I doubt it at this point.

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      Jim Derrig

      Q: Ros Ham Bot

      R: Ham Ros Ric

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      Kevin McHale

      Thanks Greg, I’m just squeaking in with my picks…same as Jim D.

      Q – Rosberg, Hamilton, Bottas

      R – Rosberg, Hamilton, Ricciardo

      Hopefully Nico can make it interesting.

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      Greg Dzielinski

      TOO LATE

      Shit I forgot to do my picks today  Too much: helping a friend huff sheetrock, horseshoes, beer steaks & wine

      Going to watch it now, I taped it.  My picks would have been:

      Q ROS  HAM  BOT


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