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    Trey Martin

    I’m about to purchase a 2008 intrepid that has been completely rebuilt all the way from the leopard 125cc to powder coating the frame. I’m new to karting and want to know is it possible to still find parts for a older intrepid chassis 2008?

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    Troy Berry

    There are several Intrepid dealers around the country and Champion Racing in Oklahoma is the importer.  Where are you located? You should have no worries unless you have a problem on race day and something weird breaks.  Most of the parts are inter changeable with other brands, for the most part. Are you buying from a shop or an individual? If the latter, can you have a kart shop go over the kart for you? Good luck and welcome to the sport!


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    Trey Martin

    Awesome! I’m in NC 3 hours from go pro motorplex. Also it’s from a individual. I appreciate the feedback

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