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      Timothy Strawkas

      Been running this carb setup to get used to the Kart. It is A Slightly modded  Motor.

      keikin PJ28

      H 195


      R1368M needle

      Runs good, Have A hard time starting some times. I use the rope around the tire. If I try to push start it usually floods. Have to crack throttle. So I think overall it may be rich. I Am going to order A few different jets up and down , but was wandering if I should change the needle? This needle doesn’t seem to be on any Karting recommended pages, but it is A factory needle.

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      Ben Lewis

      I know I’m late to the game on this post but for anyone else who looks at this down the road for reference:

      Throw the PJ away! Or sell it on ebay. You will always have issues.

      Get a PWM and start with (Sea level):

      DGJ needle 2nd clip (never move clip its good at 2 forever)

      M168 65-75 degrees

      M165-162 80-100 degrees

      Pilot 54-55

      *These are baseline ref only

      You can sometimes pick up a cheap PWM by searching for a mid 90s YZ250. I think they also came on a few other bikes stock. Also, a common mistake is to give too much gas when push starting. Don’t give it any until you hear bah dump dump and then only give it a little. And never ever pump, you will flood it every time.

      Make sure your throttle adjustments are set so that without pushing the gas pedal there is just a crack of opening between the slide and barrel. Just the teeniest bit.

      Sorry to sh** on the original question but I’ve messed with the PJs before and its just not tune-able esp with a kart pipe.



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