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      Peter Toth

      Since my last post, I ran a few shakedown laps through the neighborhood and it did fairly well. I noticed it was a bit jerky through mid throttle, but assumed that was just due to the gear i was in. I took it out to a deserted parking lot to put it through its paces and at the end of the day, it seized on me. I stripped it all down again, and am looking at this:

      I had to order a new cylinder too. $400 later, I have it all back together. I am still fairly new to this, but looking to learn. I found some info on other forums about how read the pistons, this one being too lean of a main jet. I had a 178 in there. just bumped it up to 180. On the flip side, my plug has never read lean. its always black and dry. But that is contradictory to why im burning up pistons. I also put the pin on the middle clip setting, vice the top. Idle – 3/4 throttle seems a lot healthier. But now I bog and sputter and am down on power at WoT. I dont know too much about carbs, but im figuring it out very quickly. I just hate that while Im figuring this out its costing me hundreds of dollars every time I get it wrong.

      Other bits of info; 91 pump gas(i know! I cant find any higher where I live) with redline mixed at 32:1.

      Im not looking for the hottest running kart, I just want it running reliably. any help and advise you guys can toss my way is well appreciated!


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      Steen Carstensen

      I will go out on a limb here and suggest that you have a vacuum leak, most likely the main seals. You can do a pressure test on the engine, but of cause that would assume you have the equipment to do that, or you could buy new seals and see if that makes a difference. Also check the intake rubber boot to see if there are any cracks.

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