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    Joe Ricard

    Just got a new to me 2013 Sodi Celesta  and am cleaning it all up getting it back together and do not want to put the pipe back where the previous owner had it.    Sodi has a niffty pipe bracket arrangement (one swinging arm from each side)   but I can’t seem to get the pipe to cleanly clear the brake rotor.  Also may have to come up with some sort of taller spacer on brake side and make sure I can clear the bearing carriers on the drive side.

    How low on the drive side and how high on the brake side ?     I would imagine I want to keep the pipe as in line with the header as possible and the springs lined up as well which gives me 3″ higher  on brake rotor side.   


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    Joe Ricard

    Just a follow up, I fabbed up a 2.5″ extension to mount on the brake side support.  1″ hex bar with drilled and tapped 8mm x 1.25 threads in each end.  bottom bolted tight to the chassis side pipe mount.  and Rotax rubber to the top between extension and pipe.   I think it should work well.  Every thing clears with plenty of room to move motor back and forth for gear changes.

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