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    Paul Lepper

    I’m new to karting so please excuse me if this is a dumb question I’m a big guy and may be needing a front porch for my new to me kart ( CRG Road Rebel ) while looking at the kart it seemes to me the pedals could be shaped or configured differently to gain another 4″ of leg room. Is there some reason the pedals are shaped the way they are? The cost of the front porch kit seems like a lot more than having some pedals fabbed up.


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    tony zambos


    Welcome to karting.  When you say you’re a big guy, you mean taller the average.  The pedals are designed to keep feet from sliding off during turns and behind the nerf bar.  Think your best solution is a porch extension.  Call CRG and ask for their opinion

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    Paul Lepper

    Well I’ve emailed CRG and am still waiting for an answer. Does anyone know how much a front porch extends the pedals? I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here but the cost of the front porch kit + brake rod and cable + new front spoiler and mounting kit I could fab some new pedals that would be safe and give me some much needed room up front. By the way I’m a little over 6’3″. Anyone know of any other makers of front porch kits that will fit a CRG road Rebel?

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    Jason Vehige

    I have used the CRG and OTK front porch kits… They are similar and both mount where the lower bumper bar goes so either will fit most modern euro chassis.. I found both used.   don’t sweat a missing brake rod you can get those in the length you need.  The OTK  kit mounts the “pan” level with the bumper bar.. The CRG one drops the pan about 1/2 inch below so the OTK one holds you feet a little higher up..

    Both kits extend the pedal mount out about 3-4 inches.  Fabricating a kit would not be too hard either. New the factory bits are $$$ but used mine were quite affordable.

    PS . I am 6’4″ tall  currently using the OTK bits on my 2008 Gillard

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