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    Steve Crossland

    I have a 2009 ICC Pavesi engine & am looking for a Shift-lever (attaches to shaft outside the gearbox).

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Matt Martin

    have you contacted Pavesi?  http://www.pavesi.co.uk/?page_id=19

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    Steve Crossland

    Yep, twice… no response as yet

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    Contact Italian Motors USA

    Even though you don’t see any parts available, it doesn’t mean they don’t have one or 2 laying around, from old stock.

    I wonder if any TM “J” arm will fit?

    I would post this on the “WTB” section, you’d be surprised, someone may have one out there.

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      William Martin

      I can tell you it is not the same as the TM shift arm, I’ve seen them side-by-side.


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    Try swedetech and ask for Brian Wilhelms #.  He is there Pavesi guy. Also I may have a few other contacts   If that doesn’t work.  Jlightwine@yahoo.com

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    Linda Baldus

    Here’s the # I have for Brian Wilhelm: (479) 871-7046. Also a number for Lenora Wallen, who may have something like that around: (816) 779-6102.

    Keep on kartin'. llb
    Raymore, MO

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    Manuel Cortes

    Hi, I bought a kart with a Pavesi engine, does anyone knows where I can see which model is? So I can look for part, like engine sprockets. Thanks for the help

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    Steve Crossland

    Thanks Linda – Brian had what I was looking for & shipped it out to me in New Zealand very quickly!!!


    Now what I need is a Dell’Orto VHSH 30 cs Carburettor

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      Matt Martin

      Steve, I have a mostly-complete VHSH 30 that’s just sitting around.  Let me know if you’re interested.

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