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      William Martin


      Just wondering if anyone is/has run a Pavesi 125cc motor in Autocross.


      Bill Martin

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      Joe Ricard

      I AX’ed a Vortex RVS for a couple years.  I imagine they are similar.  93 Octane 30:1  Blends-all FK-100.   Warm it up and then shut down till called to start .  Watch temps below 140 is good for best performance.   Geared most local courses 14/26.   Launch 11K  and hang on.   It was cool hooking and pulling the front wheels off the ground.  Mostly low grip surface you just leave expensive MG green tire marks.  :)

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      Glenn L Riggs

      Yes ran a couple for years. Is a good engine only drawback is the 5th and 6th gears are both overdrive so with the tall gearing when you hit 5th others that are not overdrive will go by you depending on track. gingermann 18/24 and blackhawk 18/23 depending on pipe. The original is better for the big track the other is more of a torque pipe and quits  at about 13800 but the other pulls forever. Any questions just post I will answer

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      Jason Vehige

      The up side of that motor is the semi wet clutch that should hold up better in Auto-X than the Dry setups most other ICC motors have… The down side is it’s also heavier than most ICC motors.

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