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      Walt Gifford

      Anyone using the 3 disk Patriot clutch in KT100 pipe class? Wondering what kind of stall speed you’re getting away with and how much maintenance you have to do.


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      josh martin


      We are using the patriot three disc. Great clutch. In order to accurately set the stall speed, you will need a torque curve for your engine (from a dyno). The clutch stall should be set 400 to 800 rpm below the torque peak. Lacking a torque curve, if you are using an sr-y pipe, the stall should be nominally set at 7600rpm. If you are in an open pipe class, the stall may vary from 9000 to 10600 rpm, depending on the pipe (we are at 10600 with a tsow pipe). Hope this helps.

      Josh Martin

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      Gary Lawson

      SR-Y pipe should be 83-8700

      Open pipe with s dry clutch you don’t want to slip over 10,000. 9600-9800 is reasonable

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