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    Daniel McBride

    I recently rebuilt the top end of my leopard, and it will now not crank properly.  The bendix briefly engages, and then immediately engages while still spinning freely.  Here’s a video:



    I have replaced the starter, bendix, and battery, still with no luck.   I’m completely stumped, does anyone have any ideas about how to fix it?  The only fix I can think of is to do the ~$700 digital ignition conversion.  I guess I could also purchase an external starter, but I’d prefer to fix this one since I don’t always have folks with me at the track.


    Thanks in advance for the help!



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    Matt Dixon

    When we had that issue in tag it turned out to be the wiring harness. See if you can borrow a known working one before replacing.

    Will it start with an external starter?


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    Daniel McBride

    Thanks for the suggestion Matt – I think I’ll try to run a new starter wire tomorrow and see where that takes me.  Not sure about the external starter (don’t have one), but that’s probably a good avenue to pursue if the new wire doesn’t fix it.

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    Valdi Susko

    I had a similar problem, but mine was fixed by a good overnight battery charge.

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    Valdi Susko

    Not sure if this would cause it, but might want to check-

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    Jim Derrig


    Seems like your starter is seeing too much load and is disengaging.  Pull the spark plug and see if the engine will crank with no compression.  If not, you’re looking at some sort of internal engine friction.  Try and turn the motor using with a socket wrench on the sprocket nut.  If it won’t crank that way you might have assembled the top end incorrectly.

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    Sean S

    Sounds like you need to charge the battery. I had the same problem along with the start button logic board being bad. When the battery is even a little be below full charge it doesn’t want to start…esp in cold weather.  Give it a charge and let me know

    Tony Kart / Leopard

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