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      Jim Silverheels

      Is it as good as some say or is there an equal you would recommend? thanks

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      Walt Gifford

      I’ve never had a problem with DID DHA gold on gold chain.


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      Keith Buffo

      RK blue o-ring chain is absolutely the best I’ve run. With no special attention, the things just keep on going. An entire season of road racing two classes a day plus a ridiculous number of practice laps = 2 chains. One probably would have been fine, but I was just too paranoid after many seasons of chewing through Panthers, Copperheads, DIDs and CZs.

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      John Savage

      The RK blue o-ring chain gets my vote as well, I tried a Panther chain once and it broke after half a lap, I could have been unlucky – who knows?

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      Stewart Willis

      What about for Non-O-ring?  I have been using RK.  But, I know  people that are very happy with Holeshot as well.   Thoughts?


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      Ray Lovestead

      What is this quote:

      ” O-Ring sealed pins retain the lubricant much longer than standard chain. O-Ring chain does rob some horsepower as it is consumed by sidebar pivot on the O-Rings”

      Robs some horsepower?  WTF?

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      Jim Derrig

      The friction between the links is greater with an o-ring chain, so it takes a little more power to bend the chain around the sprockets.  This power is not transferred to the rear wheels, so you can say the chain “robs some horsepower.”

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      Tim Koyen

      I’ve been running the RK blue O ring chain on my leopards for 4 years and have yet to break one unless it got damaged, and even then, only once or twice.  Some of my chains are 3 or 4 years old with many laps on them.  Once the chain is heated up, there is much less friction than what you see when its cold.  I’m sure the friction related HP loss on a Tag is negligible, perhaps less so with lower HP karts.

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