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      Mike Clark

      Does anyone have any experience painting a RLV pipe (steel)? If so what paint worked or what to avoid?


      Mike Clark

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      Terrible idea. Unless you plan on hanging it on your wall after.

      If you want it to look nice, only thing you can do is wire wheel it, buff it, polish it. Oil it down after each run and it’ll look pretty for a while.

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      Troy V Smith

      Gee Mike, bet that is not the response you were looking for. Everyone has an opinion, but I wouldn’t consider it a terrible idea. You will most likely have to deal with consistant scratches depending on vibrations and such though. I have not attempted to paint my RLV shifter pipe but have in fact painted several TAG pipes and headers with VHT Ceramic and it works very well. I believe it is good up to 2000F.

      I seem to remember some issue in that painting of a pipe may cause tech issues though – might check on that before you paint it up. I will say, for the shifter I do as Paul suggests with a good coat of MMO after a days event and it still looks good.

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      Troy is correct ceramic coating is not legal in any org that I know of. Painting the pipe is also not legal.

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      Walt Gifford

      Who said he’s competing?

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      Jeff Clark

      I didn’t think there would be anything wrong with painting mine black with high temp paint. So I did, and it’s holding up well. The kart had some rust on the outside of the pipe and I didn’t like that, pipe was off, paint went on. Then I found out from some experienced karters at a practice day that having an unpainted pipe helps to see if the mixture is too lean or rich. While that does make sense I don’t regret painting it. I’ve painted all the two stroke pipes on my dirt bikes, adjusted jetting etc, and did that by other means that the pipe color.  Although I’m sure some have found using the pipe as a tool for that works, I haven’t. But I learn new stuff all the time from forums like this, and would appreciate input on this.

      I don’t race my kart, didn’t plan on it, plus didn’t think a painted pipe would disqualify me from racing if I wanted to. I think that’s a strange policy, can’t race with a painted pipe, please explain further if that’s the case.

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