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    Craig Whitfield

    Just wanting to hear people’s opinions on tillet vs the otk seats? The otk seat isn’t exactly comfortable for me and always end up sliding forwards on heavy breaking.

    Was looking to buy a t11t but wondering what people thought ? The tillet seats are better for my ribs etc.

    Performance wise will I loose anything running a T11t?

    I run shifter stock with a Tonykart evk



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    TJ Koyen

    Using both I never really felt a difference.

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    Tim Koyen

    Its my understanding that the OTK seat is made by Tillet.  I can’t recall which model it is equal to though.

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      Craig Whitfield

      I was advised to use a t11t ? I do not understand the otk sizing. After measuring my seat the otk size 3 is not the measurements on the otk chart.

      I ordered a m/s in the Tillet and hoping it doesn’t destroy the handling

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    Gary Lawson

    Otk seat sizing is awful. They stack 6 of the same size inside each other and they under up being vastly different. You cant just call and order one without measuring. To answer the question I have seen many otk karts run well with tillet seats. The otk seat is stiffer than the soft T11 though.

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    Craig Whitfield

    Yea Gary the otk seats are terrible and I’m sure the tolerance is plus or minus 50mm because my size 3 is not a size 3.

    Padded the hell out of it. Maybe the Tillet will be better quality.

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