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    Rod Hawkins

    I have a Tony 401s chassis and race KA100 and KPV motors. I have a couple sets of the newer MXJ wheels but also have a set of MXP (actually I have a set of the bronze colored ones and a set of older mustards, not even sure if there is a difference here).

    I usually run my MXJ wheels, but am wondering if there is anything different with the MXP? I have heard people say that the MXP are junk on the 401 chassis, but these would be top level drivers that I am not competing against and have unlimited funds, so their situation might be a little different than mine. Someone told me that they flex “much” differently. That being said, if the MXJ wheels are .3 slower, I wont bother.

    Reason I am asking is that I am running 2 different series that OF COURSE use different tires (why would they make it easy on anyone?) so it would be nice to be able to just have them mounted, but if there is a big difference, I don’t want to run a slower wheel.

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    TJ Koyen

    The J is basically an all-around better wheel. It’s going to provide a bit more consistency in the tire throughout a run. I hardly know anyone who runs MXPs anymore, unless it’s really cold/low-grip.

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    Rod Hawkins

    I guess ideally I should be running the MXC pr MXL (or maybe even the Swift MXC) under normal (somewhat warm) conditions and maybe save the MXP for cold

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